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Club Results 10/29


1st- Andy Bohnsack was unstoppable...just ask Helen Flores who opened with a bingo and closed her book there 308-498 again Andy. He finished at 4-0 +540, three of his games at 520,498 and 475 made 3/4's of the nights top single scores.

2nd - Renato Umali finally showed up with his real "A" game on, going 3-1 +178 for 2nd position in the nights field of 8 souls.  Renato also briefly had Andy on the ropes in their cliff hanging game (Andy eventually won 449-426) but Renato missed seeing Andy's "hidden" QI hook onto DEF (to make DEFI) nearing the game's final plays. Renato's overall good night though moved him up the chart to the middle of the club's expert players.

3rd- Richard Lauder's 2-2 -14 landed him in 3rd as he struggled with too many unbalanced racks way too often...his defensive play making did keep his opponents from a worse route as he held them to a 373 per game average, 2nd to Andy's more thorough rout. Andy averaging 486 in four games to his opponent's gasping 351 average score.

4th - Gail Salm's 2-2 -35 just edged out Shayla Dunn's 2-2 also -35 as Gail recorded a higher single game 457-352 game with Helen Flores. Gail managed three bingoes in that closing game, HEADIER, FLITTER and REMAINS.

Bingo KIng was Renato Umail with 10...Renanto's included the word of the night VERMUTHS. He also played the plausible phony, SNAGGLES, which would be his first phony of the year. Virgins remaining in the regular experts without a phony inlude four women, Mary Becker, Helen Flores, Susan vergeront, Gail Salm and this exclusive club's sole male member, club Champion (so far) Charles Reinke.

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