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Club Results 11/7


1st - Thomas Reinke was top expert in a group of 5 3-1 finishers with his 336 cume. He validated his top dog position on his very first play at club in his 505-371 win vs. Richard Lauder as he played ELITIST to begin his night. In his closing game with brother Charles, he PILLARED Charles 480-308, DEFACING any DETENTES those two players once agreed to.  : )

2nd - Chris Vergeront sits atop the experts with a 75% winning average as Chris made an impressive initial appearance at club this year. He finished his 3-1 +197 night with a hefty 475-292 game with Barb Besadny. Chris played UNSTICK, OESTRINS and ENTITLE in that final game.

3rd- Andy Bohnsack's 3-1 +181 was sufficient for 3rd position..his big game also was his closing 454-351 game with Helen Flores, his total enhanced with bingos of TURACOS, OVERAGES and LATITUDE in that game.

Peter Schmiedicke was bingo king with 10 and Charles Reinke laid down the word of the week..UGLIFIED. It means what it says...making UGLY.


1st - Harwinder Dowd's 2-1 paced the Intermediates which included her high game of 426-298 with Asa Miura. Harwinder bingoed twice there, with FATHERS and LISTINGS padding her scorecard.

2nd- Asa Miura's 1-1 -31 gave him a 2nd place spot as he won a rare face-to-face with his wife 384-295. They normally never play each other at home.

3rd- Asa's wife Jill finished 3rd at 1-1 -72 as she bested June Scott 327-302 before both she and Asa had to leave to spell off a babysitter back in the real world.


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