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Club Results 7/31

Thomas Reinke, Fresh From Dominating Las Vegas, Continues Aforesaid Domination at Home

1st Thomas Reinke cleared the desert sand from his eyes and wiped the sweat from his brow in preparation for a 4-1 +311 performance.  He lost against his brother 345-513, getting down a lonely bingo of BLUSTER while Charles laid down what could only be described as a gaggle of bingos: ANTECEDE, TROWING, PURLINS, and STOMPER.  Thomas would score well above 400 in the rest of his games, capped by a 484-262 pulverizing of Helen Flores where he played FOULNESS and WOOLHATS.  A presumptive person might assume that a woolhat is simply a woolen hat, but it actually is used to refer to a redneck or farmhand.

2nd Andy Bohnsack resumed his teaching activities by instructing his opponents in the ways of losing.  Of course, Andy himself was winning those games, as he ended the night at 4-1 +230.  The 500-barrier was broken only once in the session, but Andy came awfully close when he bested Gail Salm 495-321.  The reader might ask, "what words could possibly have led a mortal man to score that much in a Scrabble game?"  And the answer would be ONERIEST and ECOTONAL.  Gail played SALTERNS in her losing effort.  Andy was sufferingly close to an undefeated night, being taken down by Thomas Reinke at the last, 351-428.  The scoring difference could partially be attributed to Thomas' phony of EUPNOIC (only EUPNEIC and EUPNOEIC are good).

3rd Charles Reinke went 3-1 +410 to claim the bronze.  Usually not one to enlist the help of invalid words, Charles played two of them: FUNDINGS against Peter Schmiedicke (turning down tens of valid bingos in the process) and ALODIAS against Andy Bohnsack (the word ALODIA is already the plural of ALODIUM, which was a type of land ownership in medieval times).  Charles enjoyed a big win, 442-320, versus longtime expert Richard Lauder, and also managed not to play any phonies in that game: his bingos were GORMLESS and REORDAIN.  Richard got down MOTLIER as well as the word of the week, EPINASTY.

Sue Goldstein Evidently Has Been Eating Her Wheaties

1st Sue Goldstein played a series of low-scoring games, but scoring doesn't matter when you're winning!  Her final record of 3-1 +70 was only marred by a 313-290 loss to returning player Matt Rust.

2nd Sharlie Miura finished up at 1-1 +24, losing to Sue Goldstein 307-322 before reversing course and beating June Scott 331-292.

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