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Club Results 10/26


1st Charles Reinke rode 11 bingos to a perfect 4-0 +376 as he was the only unscathed player this evening. Charles’s big game was a 522-271 4 bingo run against Barb Besadny. His bingos there were EARSHOT, OVERTONE, SELENATE and MIDGUTS.

2nd Andy Bohnsack finished in 2nd with a 3-1 +408 evening. Andy was Bingo co-King this time out with Charles Reinke with 11 bingos of his own, including the word of the week, IPOMOEAS, played as a triple-triple through Mary Becker’s M.

3rd Thomas Reinke finished 3rd with his 3-1 +230 cume. He found his tightest game was against new player but likewise expert level player Peter Schmiedicke in a 414-378 game.


1st Katie David finished in 1st with a 1-1 +despite her being obviously under the weather. Katie ended up leaving after her second game as she still had miles to travel before she could get a needed good night’s rest.

2nd June Scott captured second on a 1-2 -182, her sole win against Sue Goldstein in a tightly played 298-290 final game.

3rd Sue Goldstein captured 3rd on a 1-3 -212, her sole win against a fading Katie David 395-361 in their first game of the night.

14 scrabble players met at the Church this week... Charles Reinke was awarded the $4 prize for the highest “S” play of SUBRACE (in SYBO), just returned regular Susan Vergeront had the lowest 6 point Y, whilst the high B was given out for Richard Lauder’s BRISANT play and the final low O count was snared by Andy Bohnsack.

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