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Club Results 11/30


1st Thomas Reinke took over the Reinke train’s steering wheel when his brother Charles’s 15 game win streak was ended by Shayla Dunn (424-405), and then narrowly edging that same Shayla Dunn 354-341 in the very next game while on his way to his undefeated evening.

2nd Charles Reinke finished in 2nd with 3-1 +384 tally sheet. Charles also played the word of the week, DIANTHUS, as he won “word of the week” for the 3rd straight week. Charles still has a commanding 3.1% lead over his brother Thomas who is the #2 top player at club this year. The brothers Reinke finished #1, #2 this past Saturday at Lynda Finn’s Waupun Tourney. Thomas finished at #1 there as well.

3rd Shayla Dunn finished 3rd with her 3-1 +208 performance. Shayla’s big game was her 479-378 win vs. Richard Lauder where her two bingoes of OVERHANG as a double-double and AEROLITE added to her total winning score.


1st Sue Goldstein finished in 1st at 2-1 +96. Sue won her closing game with Barb Besadny by the narrowest of margins, a single point 363-362.

2nd June Scott finished 2nd with a 1-2 +12 record. June’s closest game was a miniscule five point loss, 341-346 to Leslie Seltzer in a tightly contested 2nd game.

3rd Harwinder Dowd finished 3rd with her own 1-2 -121 final results. Harwinder’s final game was a 340-399 loss to Helen Flores. Helen’s play of GRAVIES for a bingo made for the necessary point difference in their two scores.

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