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Club Results 2/29


Six people had 3 and 1 records in Experts, the leader decided by the winning spread.  Thomas Reinke was the big winner with a +321 and 8 bingoes.  His only loss was to Andy who also had a 3/1 evening but with a +128 spread.

Lynda Finn came in second with a +278 and was Bingo Queen with 10 bingoes. Her only loss was in a nail-biter with Mark Kenas.

Charles Reinke came in third +182 with 7 bingoes.  His only loss was to Lynda who managed 4 bingoes in that game.


Betty Hasselkus was the top winner in Intermediate also winning 3 and losing only one with +273.

Sue Goldstein came in second also winning 3 and only losing 1 with +61.

Matt Rust placed third winning two and losing two -77.


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