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Scrabble results June 20 2012

Andy Bohnsack Leads Five 3-1'ers in Experts

1st - Andy Bohnsack topped a tight field of five experts who all finsihed with 3-1 records, Andy's having the biggest cume of +189. Andy and Peter Schmiedicke tied for bingo king honors with 9 each.  Andy's sole loss was deliverd by the same Peter in a 409-445 3rd game encounter.

2nd- Lynda Finn finished in second at 3-1 +170, right behind Andy's cume. Lynda managed to best Peter Schmiedicke 412-357, resulting in her second place finish against his identical record. Lynda was nipped herself in a tight five point loss to Shayla Dunn. Shayla played the outstanding bingo of the week, BAGATELLES, a 10 letter gem in an earleir game with Thomas Reinke.

3rd- Peter Schmiedicke's 3-1 with an identical +170 took 3rd place honors. Peter had a huge 4 bingo explosion in his first game, playing SINKAGE, INSULTS, LANTERN and SHIFTER in his 492-406 win with Charles Reinke.

Dee Lillge Takes Top Spot in Intermediates at 2-2

  1st - Dee Lillge sandwiched 2nd and 3rd game wins around a narrow 3 point opening loss to June Scott (297-300) and a valient closing game with the club's Top Gun, Thomas Reinke, where her 341-449 fell quite a bit short of her 3rd win, but still allowed her top place in the small Intermediate field.

2nd - June Scott finished second at 1-1-1 as her first two games were decided by the thinnest of one won with a 300-297 and game #2 tied at 207-207 apiece with new comer Mark Saltzman.

3rd - Sue Goldstein also had a tie game, as she finsihed at 1-2-1 for 3rd. Sue's tie came on the higher end of scoring when she and Barb Besadny knotted the score at 359 a piece. 

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