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NameWin%Wins TiesAvgSpreadAvg SpreadBingosBingo AvgPhoniesPhony%
Mar. 4, 2020Mark Kenas wins468-421
Mar. 4, 2020Mark Kenas wins461-447
Mar. 4, 2020Mark Kenas wins527-510
Feb. 26, 2020Aaron Bader wins481-399
Feb. 26, 2020Aaron Bader wins450-420
Feb. 26, 2020Mark Kenas wins497-312
Feb. 26, 2020Mark Kenas wins506-342
Feb. 19, 2020Mark Kenas wins543-478
Feb. 19, 2020Aaron Bader wins431-423
Feb. 19, 2020Aaron Bader wins468-423
Feb. 19, 2020Aaron Bader wins471-462
Feb. 12, 2020Aaron Bader wins476-344
Feb. 12, 2020Aaron Bader wins435-369
Feb. 12, 2020Aaron Bader wins432-414
Feb. 12, 2020Mark Kenas wins480-424
Feb. 5, 2020Mark Kenas wins523-396
Feb. 5, 2020Mark Kenas wins426-401
Feb. 5, 2020Aaron Bader wins391-387
Jan. 29, 2020Aaron Bader wins483-449
Jan. 29, 2020Mark Kenas wins440-387
Jan. 29, 2020Mark Kenas wins532-363
Jan. 29, 2020Mark Kenas wins433-426
Jan. 22, 2020Mark Kenas wins534-342
Jan. 22, 2020Aaron Bader wins470-393
Jan. 22, 2020Aaron Bader wins440-421
Jan. 22, 2020Aaron Bader wins504-366
Jan. 8, 2020Mark Kenas wins444-364
Jan. 8, 2020Mark Kenas wins494-366
Jan. 8, 2020Aaron Bader wins492-398
Jan. 8, 2020Aaron Bader wins409-356
Nov. 27, 2019Aaron Bader wins521-338
Nov. 27, 2019Aaron Bader wins475-449
Nov. 27, 2019Aaron Bader wins355-340
Nov. 13, 2019Aaron Bader wins377-368
Nov. 13, 2019Aaron Bader wins478-388
Nov. 13, 2019Aaron Bader wins467-459
Nov. 13, 2019Mark Kenas wins555-394
Oct. 16, 2019Mark Kenas wins539-405
Oct. 16, 2019Aaron Bader wins435-424
Oct. 16, 2019Aaron Bader wins502-367
Oct. 9, 2019Aaron Bader wins502-420
Oct. 9, 2019Aaron Bader wins415-409
Oct. 9, 2019Mark Kenas wins582-334
Sep. 18, 2019Aaron Bader wins425-394
Sep. 18, 2019Aaron Bader wins455-410
Sep. 18, 2019Aaron Bader wins473-335
Sep. 11, 2019Aaron Bader wins464-380
Sep. 11, 2019Mark Kenas wins535-412
Sep. 11, 2019Mark Kenas wins513-338
Sep. 11, 2019Aaron Bader wins596-269
Sep. 4, 2019Mark Kenas wins497-374
Sep. 4, 2019Mark Kenas wins492-478
Sep. 4, 2019Aaron Bader wins463-369
Aug. 28, 2019Aaron Bader wins411-318
Aug. 28, 2019Mark Kenas wins452-435
Aug. 28, 2019Aaron Bader wins499-336
Aug. 28, 2019Aaron Bader wins422-375
Aug. 21, 2019Mark Kenas wins467-365
Aug. 21, 2019Aaron Bader wins499-372
Aug. 21, 2019Mark Kenas wins431-358
Aug. 21, 2019Aaron Bader wins445-410
Jul. 31, 2019Mark Kenas wins531-421
Jul. 31, 2019Aaron Bader wins454-407
Jul. 31, 2019Mark Kenas wins477-445
Jul. 31, 2019Aaron Bader wins458-413
Jul. 10, 2019Aaron Bader wins526-300
Jul. 10, 2019Aaron Bader wins425-414
Jul. 10, 2019Mark Kenas wins454-419
Jul. 10, 2019Aaron Bader wins482-361
Jul. 3, 2019Aaron Bader wins480-318
Jul. 3, 2019Aaron Bader wins500-404
Jul. 3, 2019Mark Kenas wins521-399
Jun. 26, 2019Aaron Bader wins446-364
Jun. 26, 2019Mark Kenas wins442-385
Jun. 26, 2019Aaron Bader wins485-377
Jun. 26, 2019Aaron Bader wins459-373
Jun. 12, 2019Aaron Bader wins399-349
Jun. 12, 2019Aaron Bader wins459-442
Jun. 12, 2019Mark Kenas wins433-378
Jun. 12, 2019Aaron Bader wins471-461
Jun. 5, 2019Aaron Bader wins499-477
Jun. 5, 2019Aaron Bader wins514-363
Jun. 5, 2019Mark Kenas wins441-431
Jun. 5, 2019Aaron Bader wins413-387
May. 22, 2019Aaron Bader wins521-494
May. 22, 2019Aaron Bader wins484-478
May. 22, 2019Aaron Bader wins436-362
May. 22, 2019Aaron Bader wins452-445
May. 1, 2019Aaron Bader wins369-360
May. 1, 2019Aaron Bader wins396-380
May. 1, 2019Aaron Bader wins421-400
May. 1, 2019Mark Kenas wins496-363
Apr. 24, 2019Aaron Bader wins459-435
Apr. 24, 2019Mark Kenas wins438-374
Apr. 24, 2019Aaron Bader wins467-429
Apr. 24, 2019Aaron Bader wins513-498
Apr. 17, 2019Mark Kenas wins422-410
Apr. 17, 2019Mark Kenas wins486-356
Apr. 17, 2019Aaron Bader wins505-375
Apr. 17, 2019Aaron Bader wins516-319
Feb. 27, 2019Aaron Bader wins425-424
Feb. 27, 2019Mark Kenas wins537-387
Feb. 27, 2019Mark Kenas wins460-440
Feb. 27, 2019Aaron Bader wins511-416
Feb. 13, 2019Aaron Bader wins383-375
Feb. 13, 2019Mark Kenas wins424-413
Feb. 13, 2019Aaron Bader wins534-315
Feb. 6, 2019Mark Kenas wins481-467
Feb. 6, 2019Aaron Bader wins443-336
Feb. 6, 2019Aaron Bader wins475-381
Feb. 6, 2019Mark Kenas wins491-370
Jan. 16, 2019Aaron Bader wins414-353
Jan. 16, 2019Mark Kenas wins439-401
Jan. 16, 2019Aaron Bader wins485-455
Jan. 16, 2019Aaron Bader wins532-480
Jan. 9, 2019Aaron Bader wins459-450
Jan. 9, 2019Mark Kenas wins442-371
Jan. 9, 2019Aaron Bader wins477-384
Jan. 9, 2019Mark Kenas wins421-407
Jan. 2, 2019Mark Kenas wins532-368
Jan. 2, 2019Mark Kenas wins509-493
Jan. 2, 2019Mark Kenas wins440-394
Dec. 26, 2018Aaron Bader wins424-354
Dec. 26, 2018Aaron Bader wins546-307
Dec. 26, 2018Aaron Bader wins574-442
Nov. 28, 2018Mark Kenas wins446-345
Nov. 28, 2018Aaron Bader wins522-344
Nov. 28, 2018Mark Kenas wins478-447
Nov. 28, 2018Mark Kenas wins472-373
Nov. 21, 2018Aaron Bader wins438-370
Nov. 21, 2018Aaron Bader wins504-335
Nov. 21, 2018Aaron Bader wins480-457
Nov. 21, 2018Aaron Bader wins503-406
Nov. 14, 2018Mark Kenas wins471-461
Nov. 14, 2018Mark Kenas wins459-333
Nov. 14, 2018Aaron Bader wins466-406
Oct. 24, 2018Aaron Bader wins451-394
Oct. 24, 2018Aaron Bader wins486-336
Oct. 24, 2018Mark Kenas wins541-398
Oct. 10, 2018Mark Kenas wins436-338
Oct. 10, 2018Aaron Bader wins487-332
Oct. 10, 2018Mark Kenas wins501-431
Oct. 10, 2018Mark Kenas wins461-416
Oct. 3, 2018Aaron Bader wins547-370
Oct. 3, 2018Aaron Bader wins410-392
Oct. 3, 2018Mark Kenas wins484-479
Oct. 3, 2018Mark Kenas wins370-353
Sep. 26, 2018Aaron Bader wins467-386
Sep. 26, 2018Aaron Bader wins516-393
Sep. 26, 2018Aaron Bader wins459-398
Sep. 19, 2018Mark Kenas wins430-338
Sep. 19, 2018Aaron Bader wins531-403
Sep. 19, 2018Aaron Bader wins452-442
Sep. 5, 2018Aaron Bader wins535-360
Sep. 5, 2018Mark Kenas wins518-433
Sep. 5, 2018Mark Kenas wins474-453
Sep. 5, 2018Aaron Bader wins418-347
Aug. 29, 2018Aaron Bader wins378-377
Aug. 29, 2018Aaron Bader wins410-376
Aug. 29, 2018Mark Kenas wins421-384
Aug. 29, 2018Aaron Bader wins491-376
Aug. 8, 2018Aaron Bader wins441-436
Aug. 8, 2018Aaron Bader wins487-375
Aug. 8, 2018Aaron Bader wins477-452
Aug. 8, 2018Mark Kenas wins466-416
Aug. 1, 2018Mark Kenas wins440-353
Aug. 1, 2018Aaron Bader wins472-364
Jul. 25, 2018Aaron Bader wins483-437
Jul. 25, 2018Mark Kenas wins447-418
Jul. 25, 2018Mark Kenas wins417-385
Jul. 25, 2018Aaron Bader wins509-469
Aug. 10, 2016Aaron Bader wins477-386
Aug. 10, 2016Aaron Bader wins463-396
Aug. 10, 2016Aaron Bader wins558-278
Aug. 10, 2016Aaron Bader wins423-386
Jul. 27, 2016Aaron Bader wins502-334
Jul. 27, 2016Mark Kenas wins586-377
Jul. 27, 2016Mark Kenas wins458-371
Jul. 27, 2016Aaron Bader wins437-388
Jul. 20, 2016Mark Kenas wins400-387
Jul. 20, 2016Aaron Bader wins490-387
Jul. 20, 2016Mark Kenas wins517-381
Jul. 20, 2016Aaron Bader wins452-442
Dec. 16, 2015Aaron Bader wins473-461
Dec. 16, 2015Aaron Bader wins527-433
Dec. 16, 2015Mark Kenas wins442-408
Dec. 16, 2015Mark Kenas wins446-371
Oct. 21, 2015Aaron Bader wins481-400
Oct. 21, 2015Mark Kenas wins425-383
Oct. 21, 2015Mark Kenas wins486-481
Oct. 21, 2015Mark Kenas wins503-319
Sep. 30, 2015Aaron Bader wins435-408
Sep. 30, 2015Aaron Bader wins419-348
Sep. 30, 2015Mark Kenas wins492-400
Sep. 30, 2015Mark Kenas wins537-332
Aug. 19, 2015Mark Kenas wins542-371
Aug. 19, 2015Mark Kenas wins502-338
Aug. 19, 2015Aaron Bader wins468-437
Aug. 19, 2015Aaron Bader wins437-400
Aug. 12, 2015Mark Kenas wins479-367
Aug. 12, 2015Aaron Bader wins395-379
Aug. 12, 2015Mark Kenas wins566-401
Aug. 12, 2015Mark Kenas wins523-427
Jul. 15, 2015Aaron Bader wins519-391
Jul. 15, 2015Aaron Bader wins515-341
Jul. 15, 2015Aaron Bader wins486-323
Jul. 15, 2015Aaron Bader wins443-436
Jun. 17, 2015Aaron Bader wins541-424
Jun. 17, 2015Aaron Bader wins463-377
Jun. 17, 2015Aaron Bader wins505-338
Jun. 17, 2015Mark Kenas wins471-374
May. 27, 2015Mark Kenas wins460-423
May. 27, 2015Aaron Bader wins460-379
May. 27, 2015Aaron Bader wins590-411
May. 27, 2015Mark Kenas wins510-315
May. 20, 2015Aaron Bader wins488-423
May. 20, 2015Aaron Bader wins491-412
May. 20, 2015Mark Kenas wins592-355
May. 20, 2015Aaron Bader wins465-395
May. 13, 2015Aaron Bader wins497-421
May. 13, 2015Mark Kenas wins492-420
May. 13, 2015Mark Kenas wins617-334
May. 13, 2015Mark Kenas wins472-419
Feb. 4, 2015Mark Kenas wins556-373
Feb. 4, 2015Mark Kenas wins521-506
Feb. 4, 2015Aaron Bader wins469-346
Feb. 4, 2015Aaron Bader wins439-344
Jan. 28, 2015Aaron Bader wins413-374
Jan. 28, 2015Aaron Bader wins456-422
Jan. 28, 2015Aaron Bader wins437-399
Jan. 28, 2015Mark Kenas wins457-439
Jan. 21, 2015Mark Kenas wins491-409
Jan. 21, 2015Mark Kenas wins471-458
Jan. 21, 2015Mark Kenas wins397-371
Dec. 17, 2014Mark Kenas wins480-473
Dec. 17, 2014Mark Kenas wins497-336
Dec. 17, 2014Mark Kenas wins499-485
Dec. 17, 2014Aaron Bader wins457-386
Nov. 19, 2014Mark Kenas wins505-420
Nov. 19, 2014Aaron Bader wins466-334
Nov. 19, 2014Mark Kenas wins527-433
Nov. 19, 2014Mark Kenas wins491-337
Nov. 12, 2014Aaron Bader wins494-467
Nov. 12, 2014Mark Kenas wins518-422
Nov. 12, 2014Mark Kenas wins428-406
Nov. 12, 2014Aaron Bader wins455-335
Nov. 5, 2014Aaron Bader wins426-408
Nov. 5, 2014Mark Kenas wins439-379
Nov. 5, 2014Aaron Bader wins399-351
Oct. 22, 2014Aaron Bader wins467-364
Oct. 22, 2014Mark Kenas wins450-362
Oct. 22, 2014Aaron Bader wins460-442
Oct. 22, 2014Mark Kenas wins423-387
Jul. 16, 2014Aaron Bader wins472-342
Jul. 16, 2014Mark Kenas wins496-336
Jul. 16, 2014Aaron Bader wins431-430
Jul. 9, 2014Mark Kenas wins495-426
Jul. 9, 2014Aaron Bader wins434-373
Jul. 9, 2014Mark Kenas wins420-397
Jul. 2, 2014Mark Kenas wins510-330
Jul. 2, 2014Mark Kenas wins549-304
Jul. 2, 2014Aaron Bader wins489-423
Jun. 25, 2014Aaron Bader wins446-437
Jun. 25, 2014Mark Kenas wins520-385
Jun. 25, 2014Mark Kenas wins490-466
Jun. 4, 2014Aaron Bader wins488-362
Jun. 4, 2014Aaron Bader wins405-400