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NameWin%Wins TiesAvgSpreadAvg SpreadBingosBingo AvgPhoniesPhony%
Jan. 8, 2020Gail Salm wins402-282
Oct. 23, 2019Gail Salm wins348-303
Sep. 25, 2019Gail Salm wins458-241
Sep. 11, 2019Gail Salm wins391-310
Aug. 14, 2019Gail Salm wins370-309
Jul. 31, 2019Gail Salm wins407-311
Jul. 24, 2019Gail Salm wins457-273
Jul. 10, 2019Gail Salm wins383-317
Jun. 26, 2019Gail Salm wins355-307
Jun. 12, 2019Gail Salm wins394-348
Feb. 27, 2019Gail Salm wins448-319
Feb. 13, 2019Gail Salm wins334-313
Jan. 9, 2019Gail Salm wins427-343
Dec. 12, 2018Gail Salm wins447-265
Oct. 31, 2018Sue Goldstein wins357-320
Oct. 10, 2018Gail Salm wins411-304
Aug. 8, 2018Gail Salm wins409-305
Jun. 27, 2018Gail Salm wins479-219
Jun. 13, 2018Sue Goldstein wins397-326
May. 30, 2018Gail Salm wins356-312
Apr. 11, 2018Gail Salm wins387-381
Feb. 7, 2018Sue Goldstein wins366-313
Jan. 10, 2018Gail Salm wins419-378
Dec. 20, 2017Gail Salm wins552-292
Oct. 25, 2017Gail Salm wins353-296
Aug. 30, 2017Gail Salm wins450-265
Aug. 2, 2017Gail Salm wins427-324
Jul. 26, 2017Gail Salm wins395-349
Jul. 19, 2017Gail Salm wins472-253
Jul. 12, 2017Gail Salm wins384-363
Jun. 28, 2017Gail Salm wins522-277
Jun. 21, 2017Sue Goldstein wins398-293
Jun. 14, 2017Gail Salm wins437-315
Jun. 7, 2017Gail Salm wins424-254
May. 17, 2017Gail Salm wins509-265
Mar. 29, 2017Gail Salm wins385-357
Mar. 8, 2017Gail Salm wins404-318
Feb. 8, 2017Gail Salm wins496-240
Jan. 4, 2017Gail Salm wins438-277
Nov. 16, 2016Gail Salm wins318-317
Aug. 3, 2016Gail Salm wins441-331
Jun. 8, 2016Gail Salm wins397-349
May. 11, 2016Sue Goldstein wins337-314
Mar. 23, 2016Sue Goldstein wins366-343
Jan. 20, 2016Gail Salm wins393-354
Dec. 30, 2015Gail Salm wins406-293
Dec. 9, 2015Gail Salm wins403-315
Nov. 4, 2015Gail Salm wins406-265
Sep. 30, 2015Gail Salm wins410-338
Aug. 19, 2015Gail Salm wins434-262
Jul. 15, 2015Gail Salm wins464-319
May. 20, 2015Gail Salm wins369-310
Apr. 29, 2015Gail Salm wins403-353
Apr. 22, 2015Gail Salm wins421-336
Apr. 8, 2015Gail Salm wins397-321
Mar. 25, 2015Gail Salm wins416-319
Oct. 22, 2014Gail Salm wins394-301
Sep. 11, 2013Gail Salm wins366-358
Jan. 9, 2013Gail Salm wins390-336
Oct. 24, 2012Gail Salm wins445-274
Oct. 10, 2012Gail Salm wins352-349
Jun. 27, 2012Gail Salm wins350-307
Nov. 2, 2011Gail Salm wins431-290
Sep. 21, 2011Gail Salm wins380-336
Sep. 7, 2011Gail Salm wins354-340