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NameWin%Wins TiesAvgSpreadAvg SpreadBingosBingo AvgPhoniesPhony%
Mar. 4, 2020Charles Reinke wins428-330
Feb. 26, 2020Charles Reinke wins421-289
Feb. 12, 2020Charles Reinke wins468-317
Jan. 22, 2020Charles Reinke wins393-313
Jan. 15, 2020Charles Reinke wins398-295
Jan. 8, 2020Helen Flores wins519-416
Dec. 4, 2019Charles Reinke wins433-315
Nov. 13, 2019Charles Reinke wins536-375
Oct. 16, 2019Charles Reinke wins359-349
Sep. 18, 2019Charles Reinke wins541-265
Sep. 11, 2019Charles Reinke wins511-280
Aug. 14, 2019Charles Reinke wins463-346
Aug. 7, 2019Charles Reinke wins424-332
Jul. 10, 2019Charles Reinke wins463-317
Jun. 19, 2019Charles Reinke wins427-384
May. 15, 2019Charles Reinke wins445-318
May. 1, 2019Charles Reinke wins408-265
Apr. 24, 2019Charles Reinke wins401-329
Apr. 10, 2019Charles Reinke wins426-351
Apr. 3, 2019Charles Reinke wins377-349
Mar. 20, 2019Charles Reinke wins470-319
Mar. 13, 2019Helen Flores wins459-365
Jan. 9, 2019Charles Reinke wins519-323
Jan. 2, 2019Charles Reinke wins497-351
Nov. 14, 2018Charles Reinke wins604-202
Oct. 24, 2018Charles Reinke wins628-282
Oct. 3, 2018Helen Flores wins410-407
Sep. 26, 2018Charles Reinke wins490-340
Sep. 12, 2018Charles Reinke wins553-325
Sep. 5, 2018Charles Reinke wins510-332
Aug. 29, 2018Charles Reinke wins410-316
Aug. 1, 2018Charles Reinke wins414-345
Jun. 27, 2018Charles Reinke wins408-315
Apr. 25, 2018Charles Reinke wins413-358
Mar. 21, 2018Charles Reinke wins433-393
Mar. 14, 2018Charles Reinke wins416-290
Mar. 7, 2018Charles Reinke wins391-370
Feb. 7, 2018Charles Reinke wins445-340
Jan. 17, 2018Charles Reinke wins478-347
Jan. 10, 2018Charles Reinke wins477-317
Dec. 6, 2017Charles Reinke wins435-333
Nov. 29, 2017Charles Reinke wins496-328
Oct. 18, 2017Charles Reinke wins500-236
Sep. 13, 2017Charles Reinke wins583-330
Aug. 30, 2017Charles Reinke wins560-307
Aug. 23, 2017Charles Reinke wins461-317
Aug. 9, 2017Charles Reinke wins583-321
Jul. 12, 2017Charles Reinke wins428-403
Jun. 21, 2017Charles Reinke wins481-409
Apr. 12, 2017Charles Reinke wins477-269
Mar. 22, 2017Charles Reinke wins501-268
Mar. 1, 2017Charles Reinke wins533-336
Feb. 22, 2017Helen Flores wins439-382
Feb. 8, 2017Charles Reinke wins488-410
Jan. 25, 2017Charles Reinke wins466-385
Jan. 18, 2017Charles Reinke wins537-304
Jan. 11, 2017Charles Reinke wins558-288
Dec. 14, 2016Charles Reinke wins414-310
Dec. 7, 2016Charles Reinke wins466-271
Nov. 30, 2016Charles Reinke wins400-316
Nov. 23, 2016Helen Flores wins441-411
Oct. 26, 2016Charles Reinke wins488-236
Oct. 19, 2016Charles Reinke wins429-365
Oct. 5, 2016Charles Reinke wins550-222
Sep. 14, 2016Charles Reinke wins451-328
Aug. 17, 2016Charles Reinke wins493-387
Jul. 13, 2016Charles Reinke wins648-263
Jul. 6, 2016Charles Reinke wins476-376
Jun. 15, 2016Charles Reinke wins498-385
Jun. 8, 2016Charles Reinke wins554-323
May. 18, 2016Charles Reinke wins518-328
Apr. 20, 2016Charles Reinke wins484-401
Mar. 2, 2016Helen Flores wins485-400
Feb. 17, 2016Charles Reinke wins454-355
Jan. 13, 2016Charles Reinke wins508-237
Dec. 30, 2015Charles Reinke wins527-342
Dec. 16, 2015Charles Reinke wins490-223
Oct. 7, 2015Charles Reinke wins462-433
Aug. 26, 2015Charles Reinke wins481-336
Aug. 19, 2015Charles Reinke wins587-249
Aug. 12, 2015Charles Reinke wins476-398
Jul. 1, 2015Charles Reinke wins416-371
Apr. 29, 2015Charles Reinke wins470-374
Apr. 15, 2015Charles Reinke wins499-350
Mar. 11, 2015Charles Reinke wins565-310
Feb. 25, 2015Charles Reinke wins474-372
Feb. 18, 2015Charles Reinke wins488-289
Feb. 11, 2015Charles Reinke wins490-320
Jan. 21, 2015Charles Reinke wins537-331
Jan. 7, 2015Charles Reinke wins368-354
Dec. 3, 2014Charles Reinke wins488-389
Nov. 26, 2014Charles Reinke wins454-314
Sep. 3, 2014Charles Reinke wins436-316
Aug. 6, 2014Helen Flores wins408-404
May. 7, 2014Charles Reinke wins558-333
Apr. 9, 2014Charles Reinke wins461-297
Mar. 12, 2014Charles Reinke wins455-402
Mar. 5, 2014Charles Reinke wins446-401
Feb. 5, 2014Charles Reinke wins465-318
Jan. 29, 2014Charles Reinke wins440-375
Jan. 15, 2014Charles Reinke wins413-338
Oct. 9, 2013Charles Reinke wins600-297
Oct. 2, 2013Charles Reinke wins458-234
Sep. 18, 2013Charles Reinke wins611-280
Sep. 11, 2013Charles Reinke wins374-321
Aug. 21, 2013Charles Reinke wins438-346
Aug. 7, 2013Charles Reinke wins489-355
Jul. 17, 2013Charles Reinke wins423-329
Jul. 3, 2013Charles Reinke wins433-359
Jun. 26, 2013Charles Reinke wins508-266
Jun. 12, 2013Charles Reinke wins446-293
May. 15, 2013Charles Reinke wins490-356
Mar. 13, 2013Charles Reinke wins465-213
Feb. 27, 2013Helen Flores wins421-322
Feb. 13, 2013Charles Reinke wins526-325
Jan. 9, 2013Charles Reinke wins477-271
Dec. 26, 2012Helen Flores wins392-390
Dec. 12, 2012Charles Reinke wins509-331
Nov. 21, 2012Charles Reinke wins449-345
Oct. 3, 2012Charles Reinke wins462-287
Sep. 5, 2012Charles Reinke wins397-361
Aug. 22, 2012Charles Reinke wins418-318
Jul. 25, 2012Charles Reinke wins527-254
Jul. 25, 2012Charles Reinke wins390-345
May. 16, 2012Charles Reinke wins477-382
May. 9, 2012Charles Reinke wins427-355
Feb. 15, 2012Charles Reinke wins557-280
Feb. 8, 2012Charles Reinke wins447-337
Dec. 14, 2011Charles Reinke wins518-344
Nov. 23, 2011Charles Reinke wins462-308
Nov. 9, 2011Charles Reinke wins426-377
Oct. 26, 2011Charles Reinke wins415-374
Sep. 14, 2011Charles Reinke wins497-247