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NameWin%Wins TiesAvgSpreadAvg SpreadBingosBingo AvgPhoniesPhony%
Dec. 13, 2017Thomas Reinke wins484-351
Mar. 29, 2017Thomas Reinke wins460-336
Mar. 8, 2017Thomas Reinke wins495-299
Feb. 22, 2017Thomas Reinke wins539-408
Feb. 1, 2017Andy Bohnsack wins399-378
Jan. 18, 2017Thomas Reinke wins478-350
Dec. 28, 2016Thomas Reinke wins554-252
Dec. 21, 2016Thomas Reinke wins482-389
Dec. 14, 2016Thomas Reinke wins453-351
Dec. 7, 2016Andy Bohnsack wins510-462
Nov. 30, 2016Andy Bohnsack wins364-303
Nov. 16, 2016Thomas Reinke wins463-439
Oct. 12, 2016Andy Bohnsack wins414-359
Oct. 5, 2016Thomas Reinke wins407-357
Sep. 14, 2016Thomas Reinke wins471-360
Sep. 7, 2016Andy Bohnsack wins422-402
Aug. 3, 2016Thomas Reinke wins521-393
Jul. 20, 2016Thomas Reinke wins472-329
May. 18, 2016Thomas Reinke wins504-351
May. 4, 2016Andy Bohnsack wins400-363
Apr. 27, 2016Thomas Reinke wins406-332
Apr. 13, 2016Andy Bohnsack wins439-384
Mar. 16, 2016Thomas Reinke wins471-371
Mar. 9, 2016Andy Bohnsack wins449-382
Mar. 2, 2016Thomas Reinke wins405-336
Feb. 24, 2016Andy Bohnsack wins475-448
Feb. 17, 2016Thomas Reinke wins410-408
Feb. 10, 2016Thomas Reinke wins454-360
Jan. 27, 2016Andy Bohnsack wins508-352
Jan. 20, 2016Thomas Reinke wins447-410
Dec. 16, 2015Andy Bohnsack wins419-409
Nov. 25, 2015Thomas Reinke wins381-330
Nov. 18, 2015Andy Bohnsack wins442-305
Nov. 4, 2015Andy Bohnsack wins517-380
Oct. 28, 2015Andy Bohnsack wins479-407
Oct. 21, 2015Thomas Reinke wins390-351
Oct. 7, 2015Thomas Reinke wins501-303
Aug. 12, 2015Thomas Reinke wins434-355
Jul. 22, 2015Thomas Reinke wins658-306
Jun. 10, 2015Thomas Reinke wins494-340
Jun. 3, 2015Andy Bohnsack wins446-359
May. 20, 2015Thomas Reinke wins506-393
May. 13, 2015Andy Bohnsack wins401-382
May. 6, 2015Andy Bohnsack wins452-387
Apr. 15, 2015Thomas Reinke wins438-386
Apr. 8, 2015Thomas Reinke wins536-324
Mar. 18, 2015Andy Bohnsack wins539-457
Mar. 11, 2015Andy Bohnsack wins448-428
Feb. 25, 2015Andy Bohnsack wins506-368
Feb. 18, 2015Andy Bohnsack wins463-379
Feb. 11, 2015Thomas Reinke wins439-305
Feb. 4, 2015Andy Bohnsack wins558-379
Dec. 10, 2014Thomas Reinke wins486-248
Dec. 3, 2014Thomas Reinke wins479-305
Oct. 29, 2014Thomas Reinke wins439-337
Oct. 22, 2014Thomas Reinke wins526-334
Sep. 24, 2014Thomas Reinke wins483-334
Sep. 3, 2014Thomas Reinke wins486-363
Aug. 6, 2014Andy Bohnsack wins440-410
Jul. 16, 2014Andy Bohnsack wins502-437
Jul. 9, 2014Thomas Reinke wins470-297
May. 28, 2014Thomas Reinke wins367-349
May. 21, 2014Thomas Reinke wins462-413
Apr. 30, 2014Andy Bohnsack wins576-326
Mar. 19, 2014Thomas Reinke wins416-318
Mar. 5, 2014Thomas Reinke wins512-321
Feb. 26, 2014Thomas Reinke wins466-330
Feb. 12, 2014Thomas Reinke wins539-312
Dec. 4, 2013Thomas Reinke wins515-251
Nov. 20, 2013Andy Bohnsack wins402-401
Nov. 6, 2013Thomas Reinke wins418-370
Oct. 16, 2013Thomas Reinke wins447-394
Sep. 18, 2013Andy Bohnsack wins519-406
Sep. 11, 2013Andy Bohnsack wins516-375
Aug. 21, 2013Andy Bohnsack wins444-384
Aug. 14, 2013Thomas Reinke wins547-372
Aug. 7, 2013Thomas Reinke wins428-325
Jul. 31, 2013Thomas Reinke wins428-351
Jul. 17, 2013Andy Bohnsack wins394-347
Jun. 26, 2013Thomas Reinke wins460-418
Jun. 5, 2013Thomas Reinke wins515-320
May. 22, 2013Thomas Reinke wins453-351
May. 15, 2013Andy Bohnsack wins415-392
Apr. 24, 2013Andy Bohnsack wins435-333
Mar. 20, 2013Thomas Reinke wins505-322
Feb. 20, 2013Thomas Reinke wins466-363
Feb. 13, 2013Thomas Reinke wins536-304
Jan. 23, 2013Thomas Reinke wins434-364
Jan. 9, 2013Andy Bohnsack wins447-336
Nov. 28, 2012Thomas Reinke wins419-340
Nov. 7, 2012Andy Bohnsack wins442-394
Oct. 17, 2012Andy Bohnsack wins434-389
Oct. 10, 2012Andy Bohnsack wins363-294
Sep. 19, 2012Andy Bohnsack wins506-316
Aug. 22, 2012Thomas Reinke wins392-328
Jun. 13, 2012Andy Bohnsack wins457-316
Jun. 6, 2012Andy Bohnsack wins613-404
May. 16, 2012Andy Bohnsack wins384-353
May. 3, 2012Andy Bohnsack wins543-380
Apr. 25, 2012Andy Bohnsack wins425-399
Mar. 21, 2012Andy Bohnsack wins509-388
Mar. 14, 2012Thomas Reinke wins489-479
Mar. 7, 2012Thomas Reinke wins427-422
Feb. 29, 2012Andy Bohnsack wins444-379
Feb. 8, 2012Andy Bohnsack wins514-452
Feb. 1, 2012Thomas Reinke wins459-393
Jan. 18, 2012Andy Bohnsack wins402-401
Jan. 11, 2012Andy Bohnsack wins424-422
Nov. 16, 2011Andy Bohnsack wins404-401
Nov. 9, 2011Andy Bohnsack wins492-321
Nov. 2, 2011Andy Bohnsack wins419-413
Oct. 26, 2011Andy Bohnsack wins430-334
Oct. 12, 2011Thomas Reinke wins422-400
Oct. 5, 2011Andy Bohnsack wins454-392
Sep. 28, 2011Thomas Reinke wins449-348
Sep. 14, 2011Thomas Reinke wins518-394